Urban Spaces in photographs from the SpallArt Collection


Architectural photographs and images of the city are a major thematic focus of the SpallArt Collection. The selection ranges from early Far Eastern city views from the second half of the 19th century to works of the New Seeing of the 1930s to contemporary positions and video works. Under several broad aspects, the exhibition shows over 100 works, while also offering an interesting glimpse behind the scenes and into the collection's depot.


Depot of the SpallArt Collection
Jakob-Auer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg

open on the Saturdays
February 4 and
April 15, 2023

from 11 am to 3 pm
and by appointment at



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With works from
Bernd & Hilla Becher, Werner Bischof, Théodore Blanc & Antoine Demilly, Hubert Blanz, Hans Blesius, Félix Bonfils, Adolphe Braun, Domenico Bresolin, Günter Brus, Harry Callahan, Daniele Cametti Aspri, W.P.A. Chambers, Edward Clark, Stéphane Couturier, Jack Delano, Pierre Descamps, Julius Deutschbauer & Gerhard Spring, František Drtikol, Adolf Fassbender, Andreas Fogarasi, Paul Freiberger, Gelitin, Mario Giacomelli, Esther Hagenmaier, Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, Lou Jacobs jr., Leo Kandl, Leopold Kessler, William Klein, Nikolaus Korab, Germaine Krull, Claudia Larcher, Bernard Larsson, Isabelle Le Minh, Lehnert & Landrock, Daniel Leidenfrost, Gerda Leopold, Maik & Dirk Löbbert, Cécile Machlup, Till Megerle, Walfred Robert Moisio, Lennart Nilsson, Jeff Nixon, Ferdinand Ongania, Hanns Otte, Joel Peck, Marc Peschke, Karl Peters, Andrew Phelps, Roland Pleterski, Vilém Reichmann, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Stephan Reusse, Franz Riedl, Wolfgang Schriever, Werner Schrödl, Fritz Simak, Aaron Siskind, Otto Steinert, Alex Stöcker, Studio Souissi, Rudolf Sulke, Andrea Tonellotto, Anton Trofymov, Barbara Trommeter & Gregor Szabó, Gerhard Trumler, Gerhard Ullmann, Burk Uzzle, Jan Vollmann, Martin Walde, Todd Webb, Michael Wesely, Garry Winogrand, Erwin Wurm, Robert Zahornicky and Zangaki Brothers.


S-0377, Konstantinsbogen, Rom
Anonymous, Konstantinsbogen, Rom, 1880s
S-1290, "Example of the travel album with views of Europe and the Middle East"
Anonymous, "Example of the travel album with views of Europe and the Middle East", 1890s
S-0838, "Wasserturm (Kugel) mit Cafe Kropke"
Bernd Becher & Hilla Becher, "Wasserturm (Kugel) mit Cafe Kropke", 1984
S-2241, "Urban Codes – Light Diagram 04"
Hubert Blanz, "Urban Codes – Light Diagram 04", 2018
Hubert Blanz, 2009
S-0161, untitled
Hans Blesius, untitled, 1930s
S-0718, "Damas. Vue de Damas et de l’ Anti-Liban"
Félix Bonfils, "Damas. Vue de Damas et de l’ Anti-Liban", 1868–1878
S-0719, "Damas. Grande mosquée et vue genérale de Damas"
Félix Bonfils, "Damas. Grande mosquée et vue genérale de Damas", 1868–1878
S-0202, Kathedrale von Amiens
Adolphe Braun, Kathedrale von Amiens, 1870s
S-0554, Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice
Domenico Bresolin, Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice, 1850
S-1810, "Wiener Spaziergang"
Günter Brus, "Wiener Spaziergang", 1965
S-0024, "Venice"
Harry Callahan, "Venice", 1957
S-1919, "Dark Cities Rome - Il palazzo della Civiltà del lavoro"
Daniele Cametti Aspri, "Dark Cities Rome - Il palazzo della Civiltà del lavoro", 2014
S-0531, "Paris flower market"
Edward Clark, "Paris flower market", 1945
S-1760, "Alger, Diar el Mahçoul, Façade No.1"
Stéphane Couturier, "Alger, Diar el Mahçoul, Façade No.1", 2011–2013
S-0203, Lyon
Théodore Blanc & Antoine Demilly, Lyon, c. 1939
S-2457, "Monuments, p.574"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.574", 2019
S-2456, "Monuments, p.485"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.485", 2019
S-2190, "Monuments, p.340"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.340", 2015
S-2189, "Monuments, p.207"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.207", 2010
S-2458, "Monuments, p.157-158"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.157-158", 2009
S-0155, untitled
František Drtikol, untitled, 1911
S-0071, "The White Night"
Adolf Fassbender, "The White Night", 1937
S-2481, "Mobile (Footpath with trees in the Parque de Chapultepec, Mexico City)"
Andreas Fogarasi, "Mobile (Footpath with trees in the Parque de Chapultepec, Mexico City)", 2017
S-0596, "Die Straße"
Paul Freiberger, "Die Straße", 1930s
S-0443, "Straße"
Paul Freiberger, "Straße", 1929
S-0958, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0959, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0961, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0640, "Calabria"
Mario Giacomelli, "Calabria", 1975–1985
S-2459, "extraction_06"
Esther Hagenmaier, "extraction_06", 2016
Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, 1960s
S-0565, "Ruston, England"
Lou Jacobs, jr., "Ruston, England", 1955
S-2391, "Durchgang Wien"
Leo Kandl, "Durchgang Wien"
S-0639, Skelett aus Stahl
Germaine Krull, Skelett aus Stahl, c. 1926
S-2236, "Ornament is Crime"
Claudia Larcher, "Ornament is Crime", 2018
S-1312, "Sifnos, Grèce, 1961"
Isabelle Le Minh, "Sifnos, Grèce, 1961", 2008
S-1313, "Hyères, France, 1932"
Isabelle Le Minh, "Hyères, France, 1932", 2008
S-1981, "Jerusalem – Ecce Homo Arch."
Ernst Heinrich Landrock & Rudolf Lehnert, "Jerusalem – Ecce Homo Arch.", 1920s
S-1839, "Hotel"
Daniel Leidenfrost, "Hotel", 2012
S-1840, "Glorybox 1"
Daniel Leidenfrost, "Glorybox 1", 2016
S-0835, "Tempel, München"
Dirk Löbbert & Maik Löbbert, "Tempel, München", 1998
S-0044, Gorica
Cécile Machlup, Gorica, arround 1920
S-0210, "Depression, New York City, NY"
Walfred Robert Moisio, "Depression, New York City, NY", 1938
S-0524, Barcelona, Spain
Lennart Nilsson, Barcelona, Spain, 1957
S-1215, "New York City, from the Empire State Building"
Jeff Nixon, "New York City, from the Empire State Building", 1990s
S-0553, "Calli e Canali"
Ferdinand Ongania, "Calli e Canali", 1891–1900
S-0552, "Calli e Canali"
Ferdinand Ongania, "Calli e Canali", 1891–1900
S-2142, "Moonstruck"
Hanns Otte, "Moonstruck", 1988
S-2138, "Moonstruck"
Hanns Otte, "Moonstruck", 1988
S-1737, "ohne Titel"
Hanns Otte, "ohne Titel", 2004
S-2291, "The Colours 9"
Marc Peschke, "The Colours 9", 2018
Karl Peters, 1965
S-2461, "Baghdad Suite #2"
Andrew Phelps, "Baghdad Suite #2", 2008
S-2463, "Baghdad Suite #4"
Andrew Phelps, "Baghdad Suite #4", 2008
S-1884, "Shadows, New York City"
Roland Pleterski, "Shadows, New York City", 1950s
S-0654, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice"
Vilém Reichmann, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice", 1962
S-2517, "NYC 2002_08_22/23"
Wolfgang Reichmann, "NYC 2002_08_22/23", 2002
S-0667, "Straße in Oberhausen, Ruhrgebiet"
Albert Renger-Patzsch, "Straße in Oberhausen, Ruhrgebiet", 1932
S-0810, "Palermo"
Stephan Reusse, "Palermo", 1997
S-2314, "Erste Bank Budapest (Skizze)"
Franz Riedl, "Erste Bank Budapest (Skizze)", 2013
S-2315, "Finanzamt Lienz"
Franz Riedl, "Finanzamt Lienz", 2016
S-0831, "o.T. "
Wolfgang Schriever, "o.T. ", 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
S-0357, "Gürtel"
Fritz Simak, "Gürtel", 2002
S-0376, "Schönbrunn 5"
Fritz Simak, "Schönbrunn 5", 2010
S-0665, "Street Scene 2"
Aaron Siskind, "Street Scene 2", 1940
S-0549, "4 Schornsteine"
Otto Steinert, "4 Schornsteine", 1948
S-0550, 4 Schornsteine, Negativdruck
Otto Steinert, 4 Schornsteine, Negativdruck, 1948
S-1228, untitled
Alex Stöcker, untitled, 1930s
S-0901, "Dans les souks, Marrakech"
Studio Souissi, "Dans les souks, Marrakech", c. 1940
S-0040, untitled
Rudolf Sulke, untitled, 1930s
S-1909, "piscina comunale #5"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piscina comunale #5", 2011
S-1910, "piscina comunale #9"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piscina comunale #9", 2011
S-1908, "piazza (piscina comunale) #1"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piazza (piscina comunale) #1", 2011
S-0305, "Union Street 2, South Brooklyn"
Anton Trofymov, "Union Street 2, South Brooklyn", 2000s
S-1758, "exposure No. 3"
Gregor Szabó & Barbara Trommeter, "exposure No. 3", 2006
S-0438, "Kalamata, Mittagszeit"
Gerhard Ullmann, "Kalamata, Mittagszeit", 1960s
S-0442, "Mirror and Sparrow, Surreal Reflections"
Burk Uzzle, "Mirror and Sparrow, Surreal Reflections", 1980
S-0780, "Yellow"
Martin Walde, "Yellow", 2006
S-0652, "Midtown New York"
Todd Webb, "Midtown New York", 1946
Michael Wesely, 1997–1999
S-1120, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999"
Michael Wesely, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999", 1997–1999
S-0533, Los Angeles
Garry Winogrand, Los Angeles, 1970s
S-0902, untitled
Erwin Wurm, untitled, 1999
S-1075, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1074, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1073, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1072, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981