S-0377, Konstantinsbogen, Rom
Anonymous, Konstantinsbogen, Rom, 1880s
S-1290, untitled
Anonymous, untitled, 1890s
S-0838, "Wasserturm (Kugel) mit Café Kröpcke"
Bernd Becher & Hilla Becher, "Wasserturm (Kugel) mit Café Kröpcke", 1984
Hubert Blanz, 2009
S-2241, "Urban Codes – Light Diagram 04"
Hubert Blanz, "Urban Codes – Light Diagram 04", 2018
S-0161, untitled
Hans Blesius, untitled, 1930s
S-0718, "Damas. Vue de Damas et de l’ Anti-Liban"
Félix Bonfils, "Damas. Vue de Damas et de l’ Anti-Liban", 1868–1878
S-0719, "Damas. Grande mosquée et vue genérale de Damas"
Félix Bonfils, "Damas. Grande mosquée et vue genérale de Damas", 1868–1878
S-0202, Kathedrale von Amiens
Adolphe Braun, Kathedrale von Amiens, 1870s
S-0554, Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice
Domenico Bresolin, Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice, 1850
S-1810, "Wiener Spaziergang"
Günter Brus, "Wiener Spaziergang", 1965
S-1919, "Dark Cities Rome - Il palazzo della Civiltà del lavoro"
Daniele Cametti Aspri, "Dark Cities Rome - Il palazzo della Civiltà del lavoro", 2014
S-0531, "Paris flower market"
Edward Clark, "Paris flower market", 1945
S-1760, "Alger, Diar el Mahçoul, Façade No.1"
Stéphane Couturier, "Alger, Diar el Mahçoul, Façade No.1", 2011–2013
S-0203, Lyon
Théodore Blanc & Antoine Demilly, Lyon, c. 1939
S-2456, "Monuments, p.485"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.485", 2019
S-2190, "Monuments, p.340"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.340", 2015
S-2189, "Monuments, p.207"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.207", 2010
S-2458, "Monuments, p.157-158"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.157-158", 2009
S-2457, "Monuments, p.574"
Pierre Descamps, "Monuments, p.574", 2019
S-0155, untitled
František Drtikol, untitled, 1911
S-0596, "Die Straße"
Paul Freiberger, "Die Straße", 1930s
S-0443, "Straße"
Paul Freiberger, "Straße", 1929
S-0958, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0959, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0961, "The B-Thing"
Gelitin, "The B-Thing", 2001
S-0640, "Calabria"
Mario Giacomelli, "Calabria", 1975–1985
S-2459, "extraction_06"
Esther Hagenmaier, "extraction_06", 2016
Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, 1960s
S-0565, "Ruston, England"
Lou Jacobs, jr., "Ruston, England", 1955
S-2391, "Durchgang Wien"
Leo Kandl, "Durchgang Wien"
S-0639, Skelett aus Stahl
Germaine Krull, Skelett aus Stahl, c. 1926
S-2236, "Ornament is Crime"
Claudia Larcher, "Ornament is Crime", 2018
S-1312, "Sifnos, Grèce, 1961"
Isabelle Le Minh, "Sifnos, Grèce, 1961", 2008
S-1313, "Hyères, France, 1932"
Isabelle Le Minh, "Hyères, France, 1932", 2008
S-1981, "Jerusalem – Ecce Homo Arch."
Ernst Heinrich Landrock & Rudolf Lehnert, "Jerusalem – Ecce Homo Arch.", 1920s
S-1839, "Hotel"
Daniel Leidenfrost, "Hotel", 2012
S-1840, "Glorybox 1"
Daniel Leidenfrost, "Glorybox 1", 2016
S-0835, "Tempel, München"
Dirk Löbbert & Maik Löbbert, "Tempel, München", 1998
S-0044, Gorica
Cécile Machlup, Gorica, arround 1920
S-0524, Barcelona, Spain
Lennart Nilsson, Barcelona, Spain, 1957
S-1215, "New York City, from the Empire State Building"
Jeff Nixon, "New York City, from the Empire State Building", 1990s
S-0553, "Calli e Canali"
Ferdinand Ongania, "Calli e Canali", 1891–1900
S-0552, "Calli e Canali"
Ferdinand Ongania, "Calli e Canali", 1891–1900
S-2142, "Moonstruck"
Hanns Otte, "Moonstruck", 1988
S-2138, "Moonstruck"
Hanns Otte, "Moonstruck", 1988
Karl Peters, 1965
S-2461, "Baghdad Suite #2"
Andrew Phelps, "Baghdad Suite #2", 2008
S-2463, "Baghdad Suite #4"
Andrew Phelps, "Baghdad Suite #4", 2008
S-1884, "Shadows, New York City"
Roland Pleterski, "Shadows, New York City", 1950s
S-0654, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice"
Vilém Reichmann, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice", 1962
S-2517, "NYC 2002_08_22/23"
Wolfgang Reichmann, "NYC 2002_08_22/23", 2002
S-0667, "Straße in Oberhausen, Ruhrgebiet"
Albert Renger-Patzsch, "Straße in Oberhausen, Ruhrgebiet", 1932
S-0810, "Palermo"
Stephan Reusse, "Palermo", 1997
S-2314, "Erste Bank Budapest (Skizze)"
Franz Riedl, "Erste Bank Budapest (Skizze)", 2013
S-2315, "Finanzamt Lienz"
Franz Riedl, "Finanzamt Lienz", 2016
S-0831, "o.T. "
Wolfgang Schriever, "o.T. ", 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
Werner Schrödl, 1998
S-0376, "Schönbrunn 5"
Fritz Simak, "Schönbrunn 5", 2010
S-0550, 4 Schornsteine, Negativdruck
Otto Steinert, 4 Schornsteine, Negativdruck, 1948
S-0549, "4 Schornsteine"
Otto Steinert, "4 Schornsteine", 1948
S-0901, "Dans les souks, Marrakech"
Studio Souissi, "Dans les souks, Marrakech", c. 1940
S-0040, untitled
Rudolf Sulke, untitled, 1930s
S-1908, "piazza (piscina comunale) #1"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piazza (piscina comunale) #1", 2011
S-1909, "piscina comunale #5"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piscina comunale #5", 2011
S-1910, "piscina comunale #9"
Andrea Tonellotto, "piscina comunale #9", 2011
S-1758, "exposure No. 3"
Gregor Szabó & Barbara Trommeter, "exposure No. 3", 2006
S-0438, "Kalamata, Mittagszeit"
Gerhard Ullmann, "Kalamata, Mittagszeit", 1960s
S-0442, "Mirror and Sparrow, Surreal Reflections"
Burk Uzzle, "Mirror and Sparrow, Surreal Reflections", 1980
S-0780, "Yellow"
Martin Walde, "Yellow", 2006
S-0652, "Midtown New York"
Todd Webb, "Midtown New York", 1946
S-1120, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999"
Michael Wesely, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999", 1997–1999
Michael Wesely, 1997–1999
S-0533, "Venice, California"
Garry Winogrand, "Venice, California", 1979
S-0902, untitled
Erwin Wurm, untitled, 1999
S-1075, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1074, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1073, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-1072, untitled
Robert Zahornicky, untitled, 1981
S-2291, "The Colours 9"
Marc Peschke, "The Colours 9", 2018
S-0357, "Gürtel"
Fritz Simak, "Gürtel", 2002
S-1228, untitled
Alexander Stöcker, untitled, 1930s
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December 2022 to September 2023
Urban Spaces in photographs from the SpallArt Collection

Depot of the SpallArt Collection
Jakob-Auer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg

open on the Saturdays 
April 15, 2023
June 17, 2023

from 11 am to 3 pm

October 7, 2023 
from 11 am to 3 pm
for the lange Nacht der Museen from 3 to 10 pm

and by appointment at

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September 2022
Pitkowitz & Partners

Commercial law firm, Vienna

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about the collection


Who the hell is … SpallArt?

The private art collection SpallArt initially evolved from the enthusiasm for the diversity of possibilities that photography uses to obstruct, to deny and to challenge our perception.
The art collector Andra Spallart acquired first contemporary photographic works in the mid 1980s – after its move to Vienna in 1995, the constantly growing collection got a clear orientation and emphasis: contemporary photography from Austria – certainly with reference to the European context.

Video works of various photo artists were added later. From 2010 on, the advisory artist and curator Dr. Fritz Simak helped to supplement the private collection with the very important fundament of classical American and European photo works. Two large projects were developed in cooperation of the SpallArt and Simak collections: the illustrated book SPUTNIK Vol. I as well as the exhibition “Magic of the Object – Three Centuries of Photography” in the Leopold Museum (Vienna) with the accompanying exhibition catalogue SPUTNIK Vol. II.

Andra Spallart realized the wish to show works chosen for the collection in public in the Foto-Raum gallery in the 18th district of Vienna. From 2001 until the end of 2013, curated exhibitions of individual artists of the collection as well as thematic group and guest exhibitions of, among others, the Helsinki-School from Finland as well as graduands and students of the photography class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, were presented.

After the closure of the Foto-Raum the art collector moved to Salzburg. Occasional pop-up shows in the storage titled OPEN SPACE offer a new format for an insight into the collection. To make the works of the artists available also away from exhibition rooms, the whole collection is presented online. Thereby, curators have the possibility to find supplementary loans for their exhibitions. Moreover, especially for the younger artists, any kind of publicity is worth more than keeping the works in a shaded storage. You will receive all information two or three times a year via our newsletter.

Current focuses of the collection theme are
Landscape and nature, abstraction and citation ....
the human being between desire, everyday life and delusion ....
our search for beauty and its treacherous illusion ....

see for yourself ....