Picturing Nature. Ein Blick in die Sammlung SpallArt


Depictions of landscape and nature have been inextricably linked with photography since its inception-from Joseph Nicéphore Niépce's View from the Window at Le Gras to Anna Atkins's British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions to Karl Blossfeldt's Urformen der Kunst. Used both for scientific documentation purposes and in the visual arts as a means of artistic expression, the ambiguity of photography becomes particularly evident in the genre of nature representation.



Andra Spallart has been collecting photographs and video works since the 1980s, and the SpallArt collection now includes more than 2,500 works ranging from historical objects to international greats to recent new discoveries. The focus of the collection is on contemporary, photographic positions from Austria, which is set in relation to classics of American and European photographic art as well as to more recent works from the European environment. The themes of nature and scientific documentation form a major focus of SpallArt.

On the occasion of FOTO WIEN, EIKON takes a look at the collection and makes selected treasures, mostly safely stored in the depot, now accessible to a larger audience. For Picturing Nature. A Look at the SpallArt Collection, works by contemporary artists such as Elfriede Mejchar and Edgar Lissel are juxtaposed with classics, including Karl Blossfeldt, thus demonstrating the broad spectrum in which a photographic examination of the fragile and vital relationship between man and nature can take place.


with works by:
Ansel Adams, Herbert Bayer, Adrian Bischoff, Théodore Blanc & Antoine Demilly, Karl Blossfeldt, Robert Bodnar, Harry Callahan, Lucien Clergue, William Edward Dassonville, Constantin Ettingshausen & Alois Pokorny, Ernst Haas, Sanna Kannisto, Fabian Knecht, Hans Kupelwieser, Edgar Liessel, Elfriede Mejchar, Aaron Siskind, Thomas Struth, Wouter Verbeylen, Brett Weston, Hans Wetzelsdorfer, Minor White und Robert Zahornicky


S-0033, "Dogwood Blossoms, Yosemite National Park, California"
Ansel Adams, "Dogwood Blossoms, Yosemite National Park, California", 1938
S-2305, "Carex grayi. Gray's sedge.Fruit shape in 5x magnification"
Karl Blossfeldt, "Carex grayi. Gray's sedge.Fruit shape in 5x magnification", around 1900
S-2278, "self-similar object #1|1"
Robert Bodnar, "self-similar object #1|1", 2018
S-1229, untitled
Théodore Blanc & Antoine Demilly, untitled, 1950s
S-0001, "Abalone Shell, California"
Ernst Haas, "Abalone Shell, California", 1962
S-0200, "Extrémité de rameau du V. Riparia sauvage."
Emm. Isard, "Extrémité de rameau du V. Riparia sauvage.", c. 1880
S-0790, "Oporornis formosus"
Sanna Kannisto, "Oporornis formosus", 2010
S-2331, "Isolation (52°33’44.1”N 14°03’12.8”E) III"
Fabian Knecht, "Isolation (52°33’44.1”N 14°03’12.8”E) III", 2019
S-0435, "Bakterium-Selbstzeugnisse" (S1)
Edgar Lissel, "Bakterium-Selbstzeugnisse" (S1), 1999-2001
S-1581, untitled
Elfriede Mejchar, untitled, 1991
S-1580, untitled
Elfriede Mejchar, untitled, 1991
S-0379, Naturselbstdruck (nature printing)
Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen & Alois Pokorny, Naturselbstdruck (nature printing), 1855
S-0257, Hawaii Ferns
Brett Weston, Hawaii Ferns, 1980
S-2333, "02-2014"
Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "02-2014", 2014
S-0405, "Birdlime and Surf, Point Lobos, California"
Minor White, "Birdlime and Surf, Point Lobos, California", 1951
S-0888, "Wildnis #12"
Robert Zahornicky, "Wildnis #12", 1996
S-1390, "Papaver bracteatum – Poppy, Turkey"
Robert Zahornicky, "Papaver bracteatum – Poppy, Turkey", 2008



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Picturing Nature
Ein Blick in die Sammlung SpallArt

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