Front view
Inv. No.S-0637
ArtistHeinrich Freytagborn 1904 in Zeulenroda, Germanydied 1989


Year1929, vintage

bromoil (transfer?) print

Dimensions29 x 21 cm

signed and dated (pencil) on recto


It is probably the light from a street lamp that dramatically sets the scene for the small tree and its crown covered in snow frost. The play of contrasts between the fine drawing in the thin branches and the dull surface in the snow, between the shades in the piled-up snow at the roadside and the shadow in the background that runs into the black, seems to be staged, but it is certainly a common situation, as we all know it and have all too often seen it ourselves. The special feature of this picture is the choice of the detail, which allows us to decipher the situation only in the second look.
(Christoph Fuchs)

S-0637, untitled
Heinrich Freytag, untitled, 1929
S-0637, Front view
© Heinrich Freytag
S-0637, Back view
Heinrich Freytag, untitled, 1929
S-0637, Back view
S-0558, Alvin Langdon Coburn, "Decorative Study", 1906
Alvin Langdon Coburn, "Decorative Study", 1906
more infoS-0558, Front view
© Heinrich Freytag