Front view

Inv. No.S-0558
ArtistAlvin Langdon Coburnborn 1882 in USAdied 1966 in United Kingdom

"Decorative Study"

from Camera work, no. 15


photogravure mounted on cardboard

Dimensions20 x 16 cm

Although there are more than 20 years between the creation of these images, a similar design principle is visible. While Coburn’s snowy surface seems uniform in its shade, the light shade in the foreground merges softly into deep black in the upper part of the picture by the lighting of the streetlamp in Freytag’s photo. (Fritz Simak)

S-0558, "Decorative Study"
Alvin Langdon Coburn, "Decorative Study", 1906
S-0558, Front view
© Alvin Langdoc Coburn Estate
S-0558, vgl. S-0637 Freytag
Alvin Langdon Coburn, "Decorative Study", 1906
S-0558, vgl. S-0637 Freytag