Front view
Inv. No.S-0435
ArtistEdgar Lisselborn 1965 in Germany

"Bakterium-Selbstzeugnisse" (S1)


pigment-based inkjetprint mounted on dibond

Dimensions80 x 80 cm
Edition3/5 (+2 Ex.Art.)

Cyanobacteria have colonised the Earth for about 3.5 billion years and were responsible for secreting oxygen into the Earth's primordial atmosphere for the first time. In this way, cyanobacteria created the basis for the evolution of numerous living organisms and our living conditions today. It is precisely these bacteria with their references to early evolutionary history that are of greatest interest to me in the work cycle Bacteria. The bacteria are not only depicted in my works, but rather become the image carrier themselves.
In this project, too, the light sensitivity of cyanobacteria - their ability to orientate themselves towards light - has preoccupied me. Microscope photographs of the bacteria are projected onto Petri dishes filled with bacterial solution. After exposing the negatives to light for several days, the organisms recreate their own micrograph. A multitude of organisms that are invisible to the eye form a super-sign of these very organisms, whose liveliness is incorporated into their image.
The idea of the photographic and fundamental parameters of photography are here transferred into a biological process. Ephemeral states of the pictorial objects are not only depicted in my works, the process of becoming and passing away is contained in the innermost part of the living medium itself.
(Edgar Lissel)

S-0435, "Bakterium-Selbstzeugnisse" (S1)
Edgar Lissel, "Bakterium-Selbstzeugnisse" (S1), 1999-2001
S-0435, Front view
© Edgar Lissel