Front view
Inv. No.S-0379
ArtistsConstantin Freiherr von Ettingshausenborn 1826 in Austriadied 1897 in Austria
Alois Pokornyborn 1826 in Czech Republicdied 1886 in Austria

Naturselbstdruck (nature printing)

from "Physiotypia plantarum austriacarum"

nature printing, book plate

Dimensions44 x 30 cm

Nature printing is a printing process, developed in the 18th century, that uses the plants, animals, rocks and other natural subjects to produce an image. The subject undergoes several stages to give a direct impression onto materials such as lead, gum, and photographic plates, […]Some sources state that Benjamin Franklin invented nature printing from leaf casts, using a copper plate press […].

Another person attributed with the invention of the process, Naturselbstdruck, is Alois Auer; the first publication, of instructions for the process, was by this Austrian printer in The Discovery of the Natural Printing Process: an Invention ... Vienna, 1853. This was written in four languages by the author. He shows the use of plants, a fossil fish, and lace impressed by roller onto a lead plate, this is hand coloured and transferred to the final print.

(Wikipedia, 2020)

S-0379, Naturselbstdruck (nature printing)
Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen & Alois Pokorny, Naturselbstdruck (nature printing), 1855
S-0379, Front view