Front view
Inv. No.S-1840
ArtistDaniel Leidenfrostborn 1979 in Oberndorf at Salzburg, Austria

"Glorybox 1"


C-print (Lambda print) on Dibond

Dimensions30 x 40 cm
Edition1/3 (+ 2 a.p.)

signed, dated and numbered (ink) on verso


The starting point of Daniel Leidenfrost's artistic work is always perceived situations and things from his everyday life. These seen and experienced situations, mostly urban architecture/situations, various places and everyday, mostly unspectacular arrangements are the basis of a narration, which is first developed in pictures, later in objects and finally in photographs of models.
The processing of sensations plays an important role in these narratives. A certain place, a concrete object or an experienced situation that can be assigned to a certain time are the triggers for these pictorialised stories. These real, experienced occurrences are thus at the beginning of a new pictorial idea. Through the narrative and sometimes poetic processing of these sensations, the concrete, the directly experienced, however, recedes into the background. The starting point, the perception of the everyday, becomes a symbolic form.
In Leidenfrost's pictures, even when models are used as a basis, a concrete object is rarely depicted and reproduced true to life. Instead, the work he carries out stands as a substitute, as a simulacrum for familiar, real arrangements and associated sensations of our immediate world of life and experience. The artistic work becomes a model case that represents a sensation or experience that is linked to real experience.
(Daniel Leidenfrost)

S-1840, "Glorybox 1"
Daniel Leidenfrost, "Glorybox 1", 2016
S-1840, Front view
© Daniel Leidenfrost