Front view
Inv. No.S-1125
ArtistBettina von Zwehlborn 1971 in Munich, Germany


Diptych #V.II

from the series: "An Anatomy of Control"

gelatin silver print mounted on alu board

Dimensions125 x 100 cm

titled, dated and signed (engraved) and label on canvas verso


The photographs are of young children whom Ms. von Zwehl invites to her studio to take their own pictures. Dressed in identical black pants and little tank tops, they perch or stand on a small table, assume any pose or expression they want and squeeze the shutter.
Ms. von Zwehl then arranges the images in related pairs, according, it seems, to age, pose, appearance, emotional pitch and expression. Some close their eyes calmly; others grimace violently as if being shot; others just gaze intently into the lens. Two preschool girls, both standing, turn toward the camera with seductive shyness, while two older girls, one blond (and in a lotus position), the other brunette, muster the regalness of little princesses.
In other words, the images are wonderful, if a bit like Gap ads, and the juxtapositions sensitive. But they also seem too entirely dependent on the utterly irresistible emotional transparency of children and avoid the unexpected depths of the artist's previous work.
(Roberta Smith, 2000,

S-1125, "Montana"
Bettina von Zwehl, "Montana", 2000
S-1125, Front view
© Bettina von Zwehl / Bildrecht Wien
S-1125, gehört zu S-1126
Bettina von Zwehl, "Montana", 2000
S-1125, gehört zu S-1126
S-1127, Bettina von Zwehl, "Alexander", 2000
Bettina von Zwehl, "Alexander", 2000
more infoS-1127, Front view
© Bettina von Zwehl / Bildrecht Wien
S-1128, Bettina von Zwehl, "Mathilda", 1999–2000
Bettina von Zwehl, "Mathilda", 1999–2000
more infoS-1128, Front view
© Bettina von Zwehl / Bildrecht Wien