Ansicht vorne
Inv. Nr.S-0835
KünstlerDirk Löbbertgeb. 1960 in Wattenscheid, Deutschland
Maik Löbbertgeb. 1958 in Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland

"Tempel, München"


Fotocollage, Gelatinesilberabzug, Klebefolie auf Karton

Bildgröße38 x 58 cm

rückseitig signiert, betitelt, datiert und nummeriert (Tinte)


The photographic works by Maik and Dirk Löbbert are no less to the point than the installations. The approach remains the same at the core. Pure geometry collides with reality. Pure surface meets images of three-dimensionality. Abstract signs meet the representational means of illusion. A subtle rupture arises from the greatest freedom that allows geometry, surface, abstraction to make unexpected capers in photography. The contrast ignites a witty pictorial dialogue that never ceases to amaze. What is decisive is that the geometry nowhere collages mere gags. Each photo already provides surfaces that are capable of dialogue: House walls, roofs, walls, pathways, a frontal scaffolding. The play with space is thus kept within the bounds of carefully calculated, form-secure irritation and avoids the surreal poetry of the disparate or an excess of fantasy. This pictorial wit operates with nuances and that is precisely why it strikes so powerfully. It looks for guidelines on which the surface can find a foothold and become firmly integrated. All the photographic works, for all their affinity with the installations, draw their autonomy from this. Even more, they condense the artistic dialectic of surface and space and thereby also illuminate the way architecture is dealt with.
(Manfred Schneckenburger)

S-0835, "Tempel, München"
Dirk Löbbert & Maik Löbbert, "Tempel, München", 1998
S-0835, Ansicht vorne
© Maik und Dirk Löbbert / Bildrecht Wien