Front view
Inv. No.S-0434
ArtistEdgar Lisselborn 1965 in Germany

"Myself" (Hand)


pigment-based inkjetprint mounted on dibond

Dimensions80 x 80 cm
Edition3/5 (+2 Ex.Art.)

Human skins harbors myriads of different microorganisms. By physical contact with a nutrient agar my body therefore leaves traces in the form of bacterial and fungal colonies, which mirror the contours of my body. These colonies form a biological image of my body. They, who are not visible when present on my skin, represent my human body independent of its physical presence. This scientific experimental setup is going to be documented by photography and transferred into a picture context.
(Edgar Lissel)

S-0434, "Myself" (Hand)
Edgar Lissel, "Myself" (Hand), 2005
S-0434, Front view
© Edgar Lissel