Front view
Inv. No.S-0926
ArtistVALIE EXPORTborn 1940 in Austria

"Tapp und Tast Kino"


gelatin silver print

Dimensions88 x 104 cm
Editiona.p. II/3 (+ 2 a.p.)

titled, dated and numbered on verso (Tapp und Tastkino, 1968, A.P.II)


"Extreme highlight of the exhibition: "1/5 Minute", a work of VALIE EXPORT, the "first tap and touch film" and at the same time also the first real film by and with and about a woman". Already in the foyer and on the street VALIE intends to appear artistic - with a plastic frame in front of her upper body. The frame is covered with strips of fabric. VALIE on the purpose and meaning of the project, which could possibly degenerate into the creation of a Tapp family: "The woman is a central theme of the film. But the film must be brought out of the cinema, into the people. Besides, this is better than the current products of the commercial film. The commercial film offers surrogates, we really offer something. What's more, the brutality of this exhibition is an effective means against the rampant voyeurism." (Excerpt from "Tapp, tapp, ein Film / "Austria Filmmakers Cooperative" popular in Munic and guest, in: Peter Hajek: von Film zu Film, Kurier 12.11.68, 1st edition/ translation)

S-0926, "Tapp und Tast Kino"
VALIE EXPORT, "Tapp und Tast Kino", 1968
S-0926, Front view
© VALIE EXPORT / Bildrecht Wien