Front view
Inv. No.S-0925
ArtistRobert Zahornickyborn 1952 in Austria


from the series "Invisibles"

gelatin silver print

Dimensions130 x 100 cm

signed and dated (ink) on verso


Four photographs, four wall elements. Where once pictures decorated the walls, traces of memory remain. Afterimages that fade only slowly. Zahornicky captures the aura of the formerly hung images and catalogs allusions to stretchables that cannot be represented. "Is a picture not one until something is on it? What can be left out without it ceasing to be a picture?" The space becomes something else through an inconspicuous montage. Conundrums, delicate inversions, small reversals are what the director does here.
(Wolfgang Zinggl in Bilder 78, Fotogalerie Wien 1992, translation)

S-0925, "Anamnesis"
Robert Zahornicky, "Anamnesis", 1990
S-0925, Front view
© Robert Zahornicky / Bildrecht Wien