Front view
Inv. No.S-0418
ArtistGiovanni Castellborn 1962 in Germany

"Tulpomania 1"

Year2008, vintage

c-print on aluminum on acrylic glass (Diasec)

Dimensions80 x 100 cm
Edition1/7 (+2 a.p.)

The concentration on the pictured object is totally undisturbed thanks to the black image base. At the same time, the blossoms seem – due to refined lighting – to glow and appear monumental due to the low eye point.
Fritz Simak

S-0418, "Tulpomania 1"
Giovanni Castell, "Tulpomania 1", 2008
S-0418, Front view
© Giovanni Castell
S-0417, Giovanni Castell, "Weiße Tulpen", 2006
Giovanni Castell, "Weiße Tulpen", 2006
more infoS-0417, Front view
© Giovanni Castell
S-0696, Giovanni Castell, "Tulpomania 4", 2010
Giovanni Castell, "Tulpomania 4", 2010
more infoS-0696, Front view
© Giovanni Castell