Front view
Inv. No.S-0349
ArtistValerie Loudonborn 1976 in Austria

"Maria, 1909"

Year2005, vintage

C-print mounted on alu board

Dimensions41 x 60 cm

signed, dated, numbered (ink) and titled (label) on mount verso


Loudon documents the last remaining private area in a more bed room of an old people’s home. A series of documentary images of highest emotionality paired with discreet, minimalistic composition.
Fritz Simak

S-0349, "Maria, 1909"
Valerie Loudon, "Maria, 1909", 2005
S-0349, Front view
© Valerie Loudon
S-0349, Back view
Valerie Loudon, "Maria, 1909", 2005
S-0349, Back view
S-0346, Valerie Loudon, "O.A., 1922", 2005
Valerie Loudon, "O.A., 1922", 2005
more infoS-0346, Front view
© Valerie Loudon
S-0347, Valerie Loudon, "Johanna, 1921", 2005
Valerie Loudon, "Johanna, 1921", 2005
more infoS-0347, Front view
© Valerie Loudon
S-0348, Valerie Loudon, "Johanna, 1937", 2005
Valerie Loudon, "Johanna, 1937", 2005
more infoS-0348, Front view
© Valerie Loudon
S-0350, Valerie Loudon, "Katharina, 1909", 2005
Valerie Loudon, "Katharina, 1909", 2005
more infoS-0350, Front view
© Valerie Loudon