Front view
Inv. No.S-2333
ArtistHans Wetzelsdorferborn 1952 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria


from the series: "twitter. Nachrichten aus leeren Nestern"

C-print on Dibond on Diasec

Dimensions40 x 40 cm
Edition2 (+1 a.p.)

twitter is a collection of stern images of elegant and complicated small objects. Years of photographing nests as part of a fascinating fascination with the mysteries and wonders of nature. Hundreds of journeys are made by a bird to collect the material to build a nest, which is then woven and glued with cobwebs, and saliva. Every species does this instinctively because "genetic" or racial memory skills and responses have been incorporated into its genetic code as a result of the collective experience of its ancestors.
(Hans Wetzelsdorfer)

S-2333, "02-2014"
Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "02-2014", 2014
S-2333, Front view
© Hans Wetzelsdorfer / Bildrecht, Wien
S-2334, Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "04-2015", 2015
Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "04-2015", 2015
more infoS-2334, Front view
© Hans Wetzelsdorfer / Bildrecht, Wien
S-2335, Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "03-2019", 2019
Hans Wetzelsdorfer, "03-2019", 2019
more infoS-2335, Front view
© Hans Wetzelsdorfer / Bildrecht, Wien