Front view
Inv. No.S-2291
ArtistMarc Peschkeborn 1970 in Offenbach am Main, Germany

"The Colours 9"

from the series: "The Colours"

pigment-based inkjet print on Dibond

Dimensions42 x 31,5 cm

titled, dated, numbered and signed on lable on verso


Similar to the earlier series After this darkness there is another, The cubes and Maschera, the pictures of the new group of works The Colours are mostly created on journeys through southern Europe. While Marc Peschke used to present surrealistic night pictures or even negative pictures from his travels, he shows different pictures in the current group of works. His theme here is not so much the obscuring or encoding of the found, not the experiment, but the concrete representation of simple pictorial motifs. Be it shadows on walls, a curtain or the hand of a marble sculpture - the mostly monochrome details surprise with their strong colours, an abstracting minimalism and at the same time a sun-drenched vitality. They are pictures on the borderline between travel photography and art photography - between document, image and fantasy.
(Marc Peschke, 2019)

S-2291, "The Colours 9"
Marc Peschke, "The Colours 9", 2018
S-2291, Front view
© Marc Peschke / Bildrecht, Wien