Front view
Inv. No.S-2178
ArtistRobert Waldlborn 1958 in Upper Austria, Austria

"Marre, 2"

from the series: "Soccer players' photos"

pigment-based inkjet print on poster paper, matt

Dimensions143 x 110 cm

"At today's Ute Bock Cup on 22 May 2016 I offer to take portraits of all footballers who want to be photographed. We will make classic footballer portraits of you in the football stadium. The special thing about the photos at the Ute Bock Cup is that you can be photographed in focus, but also, in various gradations, out of focus.
Many people do not want to be identifiable by a photo, hence the possibility of blurriness. Maybe someone doesn't want to be recognised, maybe someone has some kind of photo phobia or just wants to have a blurry photo of themselves in football dress for fun. Every footballer can decide for himself how sharp or blurred he wants to be photographed.
The portraits are then presented in the style of the popular footballers' stickers. This takes into account the fact that the identity of a person is much more complex today than that shown in the traditional sticker collection albums. Many people in this world can no longer be clearly assigned to one nation. Other people have an ambiguous identity but do not want to be identified, perhaps because of the ever tightening residence laws.
There is a request from me as photographer. Whoever participates agrees that her_his photo will be shown at exhibitions and that the art project will be presented in catalogues and on the web. The art project is basically a non-profit project. Any possible income will be donated in full to the Ute Bock association.
(Robert Waldl, 2016)

S-2178, "Marre, 2"
Robert Waldl, "Marre, 2", 2016
S-2178, Front view
© Robert Waldl
Robert Waldl, "Marre, 2", 2016
S-2175, Robert Waldl, "Fashad, 3", 2016
Robert Waldl, "Fashad, 3", 2016
more infoS-2175, Front view
© Robert Waldl
S-2176, Robert Waldl, "Imdat, 5", 2016
Robert Waldl, "Imdat, 5", 2016
more infoS-2176, Front view
© Robert Waldl
S-2177, Robert Waldl, "Elif, 1", 2016
Robert Waldl, "Elif, 1", 2016
more infoS-2177, Front view
© Robert Waldl
S-2179, Robert Waldl, "Yorro, 4", 2016
Robert Waldl, "Yorro, 4", 2016
more infoS-2179, Front view
© Robert Waldl