Front view
Inv. No.S-1759
ArtistHubertus Hammborn 1950 in Werdohl, Germany

"Portraits 2: Fingerprints"



Dimensions69 x 49 cm
Editionunique (+ 1 e.a.)

Once again, Hamm limits his role to that of a neutral camera operator who only ensures that the automation of the photographic process runs without error. This time, however, the role of the portrayed person is equally reduced. Hamm demands that he merely leave behind traces. This, however, twice. First by a fingerprint, then by taking a photograph of his face. This is done on the same negative which - during the first exposure - has already stored the thumbprint, so that both - thumbprint and faceprint - are present in the finished picture and can combine to form a complex psychogram of the person portrayed.
(Michael Köhler, 1990)

S-1759, "Portraits 2: Fingerprints"
Hubertus Hamm, "Portraits 2: Fingerprints", 1990
S-1759, Front view
© Hubertus Hamm / Bildrecht, Wien
S-1759, verso
Hubertus Hamm, "Portraits 2: Fingerprints", 1990
S-1759, verso