Front view
Inv. No.S-1668
ArtistGünter Konradborn 1976 in Austria

"covert and discovered history #136"

from the series "covert and discovered history"

c-print (digital) on aluminum dibond

Dimensions35,8 x 27,9 cm

Fragments get a new code.

„The beauty in art is always true, but the truth is not always pretty“.
(Ernst Riefschel)

In my artistic work I am talking about the ongoing change, connection and communication between the inner and outer worlds, and about the inevitable bond between art and human life in general. I feel drawn to the tension between opposites, the gray areas between black and white, the confusion and contemplation, stereotypes and prejudice.
Décollages are part of everyday aesthetics. In their wildness, rejection can be deciphered - a manifestation of the spontaneous and direct expression. Artists like Raymond Hains and Jacques Villeglé recognized the quality of this unconventional form of art. I try to transform this method into our contemporary digital age.
I‘m currently working on a series of digital décollages and digital overpaintings titled „covert and discovered history“.
Here I merge digitized fragments of famous single works of art history with my own snapshots of anonymous, collective decollages and street art.
In the melting pot of bits and bytes I liquefy the contrasting codes and add them together to a new whole.
On the one hand you have the art historical artifacts of high culture from past eras and on the other hand the wild, unbridled, credible expression, the codes of the current subculture.
My aim is to marry those two antithetic approaches to art in my work and so create something utterly new.
(Günter Konrad)

S-1668, "covert and discovered history #136"
Günter Konrad, "covert and discovered history #136", 2015
S-1668, Front view
© Günter Konrad
S-1668, Compare with: Albrecht Dürer,
Günter Konrad, "covert and discovered history #136", 2015
S-1668, Compare with: Albrecht Dürer, "The Large Piece of Turf", 1503, 42.8 x 31.5 cm, Albertina, Vienna.
S-1668, verso
Günter Konrad, "covert and discovered history #136", 2015
S-1668, verso
S-1669, Günter Konrad, "covert and discovered history #38", 2015
Günter Konrad, "covert and discovered history #38", 2015
more infoS-1669, Front view
© Günter Konrad