Front view
Inv. No.S-1468
ArtistAnton Kehrerborn 1968 in Austria

"lightflow_coloured glass central white B"


C-print (digital)

Dimensions70 x 70 cm

signed, titled, dated and numbered on lable on verso


The intention in the works of Anton Kehrer is to make the physical phenomenon of light visible. With this color photography he shows a new attempt, in which he composes enchantingly beautiful color fields with colored glass plates arranged on a light table. The superimposition of a yellow and a blue plate, for example, creates the green lower left corner. 
(Christoph Fuchs, 2022)

Anton Kehrer‘s artistic practice lies in the border region between photography, painting, drawing and light-art. As central factors of human visual perception, colour and light act as a basic material for him, which he searches for and finds in the shape of both mundane light sources as well as in details of light installations of other artists. The resulting large-sized, analogous photographies of the series Lightflow, which have brought the artist also to internatinal prominence in recent years, are to be understood as a contribution to a broadened discussion of painting with subgroups like light/borders, monochromes and colourfield, to name but a few. Although Kehrer‘s photographic work always has an actual starting point, his dealing with the phenomenon of light regularly leads to abstract pictorial creations. In this, he confidently handles the fact that our reality, which we see as concrete, always contains an abstract aspect in the sense of a „Behind“ and a „Beyond“. Despite the palpable references to the American Colourfield painting or Minimal Art, Kehrer‘s artwork is an entirely contemporary confrontation with the world in the sense of holistic thinking.
(Alexander Pühringer)

S-1468, "lightflow_coloured glass central white B"
Anton Kehrer, "lightflow_coloured glass central white B", 2010–2011
S-1468, Front view
© Anton Kehrer
S-1468, Back view
Anton Kehrer, "lightflow_coloured glass central white B", 2010–2011
S-1468, Back view
S-1467, Anton Kehrer, "lightflow_coloured glass central white A", 2010–2011
Anton Kehrer, "lightflow_coloured glass central white A", 2010–2011
more infoS-1467, Front view
© Anton Kehrer