Front view
Inv. No.S-1348
ArtistRobert Waldlborn 1958 in Upper Austria, Austria

"Megan L."

from the series: "intersubjektive Portraits"

pigment-based inkjet print on honeycomb panel

Dimensions71 x 59 cm

signed and dated on label on verso


The portraits tell of a short time spent together. Faces are created in direct face-to-face contact. To get a picture of the other person is a risk and remains limited in many ways. A face can be concise and sublime, but it eludes pictorial representation because it is versatile, intangible, fleeting and ephemeral. Photographic portraits promise to overtake living perception in their accuracy, but cannot achieve it.
One theme of this work is the blurring between face and mask (persona). The modern portrait transforms the face into a mask, which is always at a distance from the face. Since we not only have a face, but also make one, photography usually depicts something that is already a momentary image of the face. We always try to interrupt this interplay of face and mask with supposedly reliable methods. In the search for the true face, not only photography serves us, but also other disciplines with exact, scientific demands, such as physiognomy, psychology, phrenology, etc. Ultimately, however, we can only expose ourselves to blur.
(Robert Waldl)

S-1348, "Megan L."
Robert Waldl, "Megan L.", 2012
S-1348, Front view
© Robert Waldl
S-1348, Back view
Robert Waldl, "Megan L.", 2012
S-1348, Back view
S-1349, Robert Waldl, "Andreas K.", 2012
Robert Waldl, "Andreas K.", 2012
more infoS-1349, Front view
© Robert Waldl