Front view
Inv. No.S-1941
ArtistHerbert Döring-Spenglerborn 1944 in Cologne, Germany


from the series: "Diazetta"

C-print on Dibond, UV protection foil

Dimensions50 x 76 cm

signed, dated, numbered (ink) on verso


Since the mid-eighties Herbert Diking-Spengler, a self-taught photographer, has been exploring the possibilities of the Polaroid. He began to make notches in the fresh film and to separate the layers. He also combined Polaroid with video, making references to art-historical models and utilising unusual materials. His method of working might best be described as an attempt to break down the media at his disposal into their component parts, to search out previously undiscovered elements, and finally to recombine the whole. The blending takes place emotionally, in the light of his feelings, not in accordance with any rational considerations. He is one of the most creative personalities in his field, ever capable of springing a surprise, and always intent on moving on to new ground. His pictures start out as simple photos or video sequences, are subjected to colour changes, are captured on Polaroid, heated, ripped apart, dried, in turn employed together with their new carrier as a slide, or re-photographed, finally to yield up a c-print or a silvergelatine print. 
(Reinhold MiBelbeck )

S-1941, "Trump"
Herbert Döring-Spengler, "Trump", 2016
S-1941, Front view
© Herbert Döring-Spengler / courtesy infocusgalerie, Köln
S-1941, verso view
Herbert Döring-Spengler, "Trump", 2016
S-1941, verso view