Inv. No.S-0921
ArtistIrene Andessnerborn 1954 in Salzburg, Austria


Foto: Axel Majewski

from the cycle: "Milli Strubel"

instant image

Dimensions80 x 56 cm

signed and dated on recto and verso


Original Polaroid picture taken with the world’s biggest Polaroid camera.

Ludmilla Hildegard (“Milli”) Stubel (1852–1890) was a ballet dancer with the Vienna Hofoper. The Österreich-Chronik recorded her life-long relationship with Archduke Johann Salvator von Habsburg, who from 1889 called himself Johann Orth (after his Gmundener castle) and wed his commoner Milli. After 1890, following their sea voyage to Cape Horn, both were regarded as missing.

In 1883, under the pseudonym Johann Traugott, Johann wrote the ballet “Die Assassinen” [The Assassins]. At the Vienna premiere Milli Stubel appeared on stage illuminated from head to foot by Edison’s new light bulbs. In the millennium year 2000 Irene Andessner gave a dramatic interpretation of this Milli Stubel scenario (which has only been handed down in written form) in several theatrical venues: at the Altausseer See and the Traunsee (in front of the Schloss Orth) and in a performance in the Reithalle of the MuseumsQuartier Vienna (at that time still not renovated). Large-format Polaroids, light boxes and C prints are available, as well as the video “Irrlichter“.


S-0921, "Irrlichter"
Irene Andessner, "Irrlichter", 2000
S-0921, Front view
© Irene Andessner
S-0918, Irene Andessner, 2000
Irene Andessner, 2000
more infoS-0918, Front view
© Irene Andessner
S-0919, Irene Andessner, untitled, 2000
Irene Andessner, untitled, 2000
more infoS-0919, Front view
© Irene Andessner
S-0920, Irene Andessner, 2000
Irene Andessner, 2000
more infoS-0920, Front view
© Irene Andessner
S-1071, Irene Andessner, 2000
Irene Andessner, 2000
more infoS-1071, Front view
© Irene Andessner