Front view
Inv. No.S-2154
ArtistFritz Simakborn 1955 in Vienna, Austria

"Chemigramm 1"


chemigram on gelatin silver paper

Dimensions30 x 40 cm

signed, titled, dated (pencil) and artist stamp on verso


With the chemigram, developer or fixer is used to paint directly onto the photo paper. This happens in daylight, which is why the photo paper reacts immediately with the respective chemicals. If you paint with developer, the paper immediately turns black, after which it is rinsed briefly, fixed and finally watered. When applying fixer, only a small light colouring of the paper is visible. After an exposure time of about one minute, the paper is placed in the developer tray. The unpainted areas blacken. Afterwards, the paper is watered again, then fixed and finally watered.
(Christoph Fuchs)

S-2154, "Chemigramm 1"
Fritz Simak, "Chemigramm 1", 1975
S-2154, Front view
© Fritz Simak
S-2154, verso view
Fritz Simak, "Chemigramm 1", 1975
S-2154, verso view