Ways to Abstraction
Photographies from the SpallArt Collection
curated by Fritz Simak

November 9 – Dezember 15, 2017

The photography exhibition at Eboran Gallery was curated by the photo artist and collector Fritz Simak and is themed “Ways to Abstraction”. First, the artistic quality was determining for the choice of the pictures; but of the same importance for Simak is that the sequence of the pictures forms a line that tells the spectator about the nature of photography. Therefore, he chose mainly works of the rich collection of Andra Spallart where the contents state the technical possibilities of photography and at the same time come to abstract structures, reminding of graphics or painting.

Eboran Galerie
open: Thuesday to Friday, 18–20
Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 38, 5020 Salzburg




with works from:
Berenice Abbott, Edward Burtynsky, Harry Callahan, Lucien ClergueMichael Flomen,
Mario GiacomelliErnst HaasLeo KandlEdgar Lissel, Max Lohr, Mark Markarian,
Elfriede Mejchar, Vilém Reichmann, Wolfgang ReichmannStephan Reusse,
Paul Schneggenburger, Pierre Schrammel, Aaron Siskind, Otto Steinert, Michael Wesely,
Edward Weston and Robert Zahornicky


S-0523, "the field around a single wire is circular"
Berenice Abbott, "the field around a single wire is circular", 1960s
S-0251, "Xiaolangdi Dam #4, Yellow River, Henan Province, China"
Edward Burtynsky, "Xiaolangdi Dam #4, Yellow River, Henan Province, China", 2011
S-0380, "#6 Aix en Provence"
Harry Callahan, "#6 Aix en Provence", 1958
S-0205, "Le Marais d’Arles"
Lucien Clergue, "Le Marais d’Arles", 1960
S-0731, "Maïs"
Lucien Clergue, "Maïs", 1960
S-0256, "Two Step"
Michael Flomen, "Two Step", 2004
S-1213, untitled
Mario Giacomelli, untitled, 1970–1976
S-0001, "Abalone Shell, California"
Ernst Haas, "Abalone Shell, California", before 1971
S-0446, "o.T."
Leo Kandl, "o.T.", 1996
S-0434, "Myself" (Hand)
Edgar Lissel, "Myself" (Hand), 2005
S-0461, untitled
Max Lohr, untitled, 1930
S-0158, Bulgarian Village
Mark Markarian, Bulgarian Village, c. 1930
S-1599, untitled
Elfriede Mejchar, untitled, 1998
S-0654, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice"
Vilém Reichmann, "imaginární setkání Ze srubren Dvojice", 1962
S-0655, "Vegetarian piece 032#1"
Wolfgang Reichmann, "Vegetarian piece 032#1", 2003
S-0773, "Drawing by Chairs"
Stephan Reusse, "Drawing by Chairs", 2011
S-1355, "Der Liebenden Schlaf"
Paul Maria Schneggenburger, "Der Liebenden Schlaf", 2010
S-0537, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-0536, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-0535, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-0539, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-0538, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-0540, "OT"
Pierre Schrammel, "OT", 1983
S-1268, untitled
Aaron Siskind, untitled, 1990
S-0546, "Martha’s Vineyard 111B"
Aaron Siskind, "Martha’s Vineyard 111B", 1954
S-1712, "Bäume vor meinem Fenster II"
Otto Steinert, "Bäume vor meinem Fenster II", 1956
S-1120, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999"
Michael Wesely, "Potsdamer Platz, 4.4.1997–4.6.1999", 1997–1999
S-0223, "Nude"
Edward Weston, "Nude", 1925
Robert Zahornicky, 1996
S-0925, "Anamnesis"
Robert Zahornicky, "Anamnesis", 1990



for more about the curator Fritz Simak see www.fritzsimak.com