Front view
Inv. No.S-1888
ArtistRobert F. Hammerstielborn 1957 in Austria


from the series "Trust Me"

C-print on aluminum

Dimensions211 x 163 cm
Edition1/3 (+1 a.p.)

signed (ink), lable with titel, year, edition on verso


For this series, life-like plants of different sizes made of various artificial materials were placed in front of a neutral white background, photographed, and then printed in original size. The photographs simultaneously reference and contradict the aesthetics of advertising imagery and its sophisticated symbiosis of enticement and manipulation: the plants are made to 'pose' in all their beauty, proffering themselves as propitious goods. But it is all a deceit, for in fact they represent nothing but surrogate nature, a mass-produced article, and a decorative element.
(Robert F. Hammerstiel)

S-1888, untitled
Robert F. Hammerstiel, untitled, 2010–2014
S-1888, Front view
© Robert F. Hammerstiel
S-1888, verso view
Robert F. Hammerstiel, untitled, 2010–2014
S-1888, verso view